Questions Google can answer directly - Part II

Google, the search engine, used to help users find the answers by navigating them to other websites. But these days Google can answer questions directly.

We found some questions and answers that are globally available.

In part I, we listed questions that everyone may ask.

In this part, we listed those somewhat specialized.

1. [food] calorie(s)/fat/cholesterol/sodium/potassium/carbo(hydrate)/protein

Nutrition of the food.

2. [song] lyrics

3. [animal] sound

4. timer [time]

If [time] is omitted, a 5 minutes timer will be displayed. Otherwise the timer will start itself when loaded.

5. tip calculator

6. rng or random number or random number [integer1] to [integer2]

Generate an integer. "rng" is an acronym for "random number generator". If "[integer1] to [integer2]" is omitted, An integer in [1, 10] will be generated.

7. flip a coin

8. roll a dice

9. speedtest

Internet speed test.

10. stock [public company]

11. market index

[market index]

For example, "dow j".

12. #123456 or rgb(12,34,56)

Color code.

13. [traditional Chinese festival]

Next date of [traditional Chinese festival], such as "ghost festival". People in other Asian countries may celebrate these festivals too.




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